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buzzytext service review

Customer Text Service Review & Discount

We suggest and prefer BuzzyText! $10 a month gets you 300 credits, 1000 credits is $20 a month. Check out BuzzyText for yourself!  I’ve always thought of marketing as emails letting customers know of the great offer so they can decide if they’re interested and click a button if they are, delete email

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Afterpay for Payments

  I recently purchased some Aveda products because I was running low on face wash and lotion – at checkout, I was presented with an option to pay in four payments – uh, sure, why not? First time I used this Afterpay service – seems pretty harmless and yeah, breaking the total into four

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jotform wordpress forms

Why We Use Jotform Forms

Get JotForm Our Jotform Journey – Review We started our website back in 2009 and we had very limited options for form plugins to use with wordpress. It was always a challenge to find a way to collect information from our online visitors. I started using Wufoo: Online Form Builder and it was

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canva pro graphic design app

Canva Review – Graphic Design DIY

Get Canva Pro Owning a small business comes with many challenges. Some are easy to conquer and others, well – are not. I would love to have enough money in our budget to hire an assistant or specialist for each area in which I’m lacking the expertise or skill set, but the truth

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App Sumo Review & Discount Code

Haven’t heard of App Sumo yet? If you are a small business and use a lot of online tools / resources or applications  to run your business, you need to start looking at App Sumo – think of it as your one stop shop to all the deals and discount codes for online

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elementor page builder

Why we use Elementor Page Builder for WordPress

Get Elementor Pro When we first started creating wordpress sites, we didn’t have a page builder tool at all. I was introduced to WP Bakery about 6 years ago and thought it was heaven sent.  I could design so much faster – I could  create posts so much easier and they looked more

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mailer lite logo

Why we moved to MailerLite from Mailchimp

Sign Up – Get $20 Off Coupon Code For over 10 years, my business relied on Mailchimp- I loved it from the start. Super easy to create newsletters to send to my customers to highlight a promotion or a sale we were having. The open rate was fabulous and I really didn’t have

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jovi patch styled

Jovi Patch Review & Discount

SHOP NOW – Get Discount Update: My 14 year old daughter uses my Jovi patch as well now. Her lower back hurts when it’s that time of month and this really takes the edge off and doesn’t feel like as much pressure.  When I was younger, I didn’t have menstrual cramps. I had

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direct sales tools organize

Direct Sales tools to use

I run my direct sales business all online.  I have a full time job and a family and don’t have a ton of time to spend doing home parties or online parties for that matter.  For the last 11 years that I’ve been with Scentsy, I have shared the love of the products

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mailchimp flodesk

Flodesk Newsletter Review

I used Mailchimp for my newsletters for over 8 years.  The benefits and functionality was really great. I don’t have much to complain about as far as the ability to edit and send and even maintain the lists / segments I had. They really thought of everything and while I loved the application

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peloton bike

Peloton Bike

I work full time 40+ hours and have a 3 hour daily commute, it’s safe to say that I don’t have too much time to hit the gym or go for a stroll.  It’s been a challenge for years – I wake up at 5am to leave the house by 6am to make

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Clean Email Unroll.Me

We all get tons of emails – but do we always delete them when we’ve read them and when we don’t need them anymore?  What about the junk email that actually lands in your inbox? My issue is how many emails that I actually really want and subscribe to, but don’t have time

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pets taking bath

Pet Baths

Just curious – no really.. I am.  How many people bathe their cats?  I mean I know bathing dogs and getting them groomed is a thing and lets be honest, they need it. But do you think your cat needs it?  They’re pretty good at cleaning themselves, right?  And do you think they

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There’s this new craze that everyone is on that earns a lot of money for the service provider and I’m not completely sure that the consumer is getting their money’s worth. It’s called a Personal Life Coach or even a business coach.  To offer this service, one usually attends a seminar for a

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netherlands scentsy

Scentsy in Netherlands

Have you heard? New and Exciting news coming from Scentsy – “We’re thrilled to announce that Scentsy is expanding to the Netherlands in late fall!” We couldn’t be more excited to welcome a new country to the Scentsy family, and for the momentum it will bring to Scentsy worldwide.  Now’s the perfect time

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Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty

This only happens a couple times of year, I believe and I love that they do this. Ulta has just started their 21 days of Beauty sale and we’re on day two as I type this. Below is a chart that shows what’s on sale for week 1. But you can visit their

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Lumify Eye Drops VS Visine

Update: Fast Forward to September 2021 – I still use these eye drops, even more now that we are working remote from home because of the pandemic. Looking at this monitor all day, while on zoom calls and working with spreadsheets, these eye drops help so much.  Especially at the end of the

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scentsy dumbo

New Disney Dumbo Buddy, By Scentsy

I’m so excited to announce that Scentsy is releasing it’s new Disney Buddy – Dumbo on Monday, March 18th, 2019. I will warn you, this is a very popular product to the Disney Collection, so I would jump on it and order it as soon as you can, as all of the products

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phone battery case review

Lux Mobile Case Review

I’m sure you’ve seen these phone cases by Lux, the ads are everywhere right now, facebook, Instagram, everywhere. I believe Shaq is in some of their ads now. I bought this phone case back in July of 2018 for my husband. He had purchased a similar battery case for his iphone 8 plus

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scentsy bring back bar 2019

Scentsy Bring Back My Bar

This Scentsy promotion has got to be the best yet. Have you ordered a Scentsy Wax Bar in the past, loved it, and then when you get around to placing another order, the scent is gone? All you’re thinking is … ‘what, that was an awesome scent, I’m sure everyone loved it, why

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mickey mouse scentsy products from scentsy

Scentsy Disney Products

If you haven’t seen Scentsy’s Disney Collection yet, you’re missing out on the most impressive Disney inspired products.  There are numerous characters such as Winnie the Pooh – Scentsy Buddy, Tigger – Scentsy Buddy from the Hundred Acre woods collection.  Unfortunately, the Winnie the Pooh and Tigger – Scentsy Buddies have been ‘vaulted’

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Sweet Cravings

Do you Crave Sugar? This is how it always happens for me, I’m scrolling through my Facebook feed and bam, there’s and ad for something that catches my eye. They target me pretty well, actually. I’m impressed.  This time it was an ad for a product to stop sugar cravings. I don’t consider

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logo coschedule


When you’re super busy, but you need to stay on top of your social media platforms and posts, all you can think of is, I need to clone myself. Or I need an assistant.  I’ve been using CoSchedule and I’m loving it.  I can sit down on a Sunday and schedule my posts

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Mailchimp cleanup

I have over 4,000 contacts in my Mailchimp Newsletter list.  You are charged monthly based on how many contacts you have in your lists.  I found a great way to clean up your newsletter list without compromising your marketing efforts. The main thing you want to look at is their member rating. Below

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online shopping

Selling Online

There’s so much misconception when it comes to entrepreneurs that sell products online. Most people think that having an online presence is easy. “I’ll just build a website, and they will come” type of mindset is just being naive. Sure, you can build a blog or a website, but then what?  Do you

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Raven Tools

I tried Raven reports about 4 years ago, at a time that i didn’t really NEED it for my business. Now, that it has grown and I’m having more issues keeping up with the social media and how my sites are ranking on search engines, I decided to try them again. They have

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