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Update: My 14 year old daughter uses my Jovi patch as well now. Her lower back hurts when it’s that time of month and this really takes the edge off and doesn’t feel like as much pressure. 

When I was younger, I didn’t have menstrual cramps. I had friends that did, I mean a few of them had them pretty bad. When I say bad, I’m talking about “I can’t leave my house, I’m curled up in the corner” bad.  I always sympathized, but never really understood what that felt like. As I got older, had my two daughters, I found out exactly what that feels like. It’s one of those dull aches that just linger and linger and you can’t do anything about it but take medication / pain killers of some type to get through it. But let’s be honest, even then, it just takes away enough of the pain to be able to carry on with your day – but the discomfort is still there and we all wish there was a magic pill to just take the whole thing away so that we never have one again.

BUT… we’re stuck with it until menopause. So, I have my heating pad, I have midol (which knocks me out oddly enough) and my aleve to help me through these monthly episodes.  It’s draining, exhausting and a real big pain in the butt.  I feel like the life has been sucked out of me and all I want to do is curl up and watch Netflix and nap.  My husband tries to help with whatever he can and knows this is a rough time for me.

So, here I am, strolling on Instagram on Day 2 of my cycle, on a Saturday, so my whole day is shot.  I stumble upon a post about ‘JOVI’.  I see these women talking about menstrual cramps and how this patch can help. First thought, it’s a heat patch of some sort and I was interested as I was laying in pain.  But as I started listening to the videos and reading reviews, I realized that it wasn’t a heat patch at all, but this new technology that basically acts like a sponge to soak up the pain. WHAT!

I know – sounds way to good to be true. Jovi uses nanotechnology to intercept messages caused by discomfort, giving your brain the ability to better manage and cope.  No chemicals, No Rays, No Electric pulses, No wires. You simply place this round patch wherever you’re feeling pain and it’s supposed to relive it? Hmm.. skeptical me comes through and I continue scrolling on the gram because I just don’t get how that could work.

Enter day 3 of my cycle and day 3 of cramping. This was a really bad cycle and I just couldn’t function. I search ‘Jovi’ again. Read reviews of all these women discussing the other types of pain they have that Jovi has helped with like backpain and headaches and leg pain and I’m like .. hmm. I wonder if that would help my back and my daughter’s migranes.

I notice that they have a money back guarantee and I also notice it’s a little pricey at $169. I continue reading that it will last years, and the adhesive backing (if you want it) is the only thing you’ll need to purchase. It does come with 5 adhesives and it says they last 3-5 days each. I share the news with my husband and he’s immediately on board and says, get it! If it might help you – it’s worth a shot. I purchase that second and notice that they deliver within 3-5 days. Of course my cycle will be over then, but hey, I’ll be ready for the next one.

My Jovi patch arrives in the mail – I’m running out to get it. I realize right away that the adhesives are not really needed if you’re applying for cramps as the patch can just fit into your underwear / pant waistline. So, that was a plus.  I wasn’t feeling any pain at that time, so I kept it in my envelope for future use.  The very next day, my back started hurting. I get these weird nerve like pains in the middle of my back and since I sit most of the day for work – it’s very uncomfortable.  I have my daughter help stick the patch (with adhesive this time) to my back.

3 minutes. I’m not joking. I’m not just saying this. I am seriously telling you within 3 minutes and that pain was a whole different level. It was not totally gone, but it was so light that I could barely recognize that it was uncomfortable. I slept with it on. I’m still wearing it right now and it’s 1pm. I’m all good, not feeling anything. I’m almost afraid to take it off because the pain might start showing up again.

I’m so curious to see what this does for my cramps that I’m anxiously waiting for my next menstrual cycle to begin. I can’t believe I just said that – but that’s how I feel.

I will tell you that you have to kind of move it around a little to find exactly where the pain is. For example on my back – I was feeling it through the middle area, but I wasn’t sure exactly where. Funny thing is when you place the patch and wait a few minutes, you’ll know if you got the right spot – I moved it 3 times before I found exactly where it needed to be. So, if you are using the adhesive, I’d place it and find the spot before sticking. I’m floored by this – it’s genius and I wish I heard about it way before now.

I’ll continue to post updates here. But if you want to learn more about JOVI and read / hear what these customers are saying – please do!

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Not just for menstrual cramps – Jovi Patch is great for back pain too! My back was super sore after moving around my home office and as I sat down to relax I applied the Jovi patch and I was able to sleep well that night without tossing and turning. Try the Jovi patch, you’ll feel the difference! 

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