Afterpay for Payments


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afterpay for installments

I recently purchased some Aveda products because I was running low on face wash and lotion – at checkout, I was presented with an option to pay in four payments – uh, sure, why not? First time I used this Afterpay service – seems pretty harmless and yeah, breaking the total into four separate payments makes it seem less of a hit to the wallet. It’s pretty good marketing and beneficial to the business providing the service because when you’re presented with an option to pay less ‘today’ – you think, ‘hmmm – maybe I should add the hair brush I wanted to my order’.

Overall was a good experience and yeah, I’ll use it again. Perfect for holidays – just remember thought if you’re using it to shop across multiple sites, those payments add up.

If you’re interested, here’s a coupon code for Afterpay that gets you $20 off the first time you use it.

You’re welcome!