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This Scentsy promotion has got to be the best yet. Have you ordered a Scentsy Wax Bar in the past, loved it, and then when you get around to placing another order, the scent is gone? All you’re thinking is … ‘what, that was an awesome scent, I’m sure everyone loved it, why is it gone?’. Well the truth is that sometimes (twice a year) Scentsy discontinues scents that aren’t doing as well as the rest of them to allow room for new scents depending on season (spring or fall).

scentsy bring back bar 2019

As heartbreaking as this is, there wasn’t much you could do about it in the past but maybe try to find a consultant that had it in stock that would be willing to sell you that scent. However, even then, it’s just one or two bars and you’re back to the same situation. Well … that has just changed. With this release of the bring back my bar event, Scentsy has announced ‘SCENTSY CLUB’. What is Scentsy Club? So glad you are here reading this to find out because I don’t think many know about this. You sign up for the club by creating a login and then choosing what products you’d like and how often you’d like them sent to you. You can choose Monthly, Every other month or once a quarter. One of the perks of doing this is that you get discounted shipping. Shipping is $8 normally, however, with the Scentsy Club order, shipping is only $5 on orders of $30 or more or FREE Shipping with orders of $60 or more.

Another Perk of the Scentsy Club is that you can get your favorite bar, ALWAYS. Yes, you heard right – if Scentsy is scheduled to discontinue your favorite scent, you can add it to your club order and get your bar no matter what. Of course you need to add it to your club order BEFORE it’s discontinued but then there’s always ‘bring back my bar’ event. Here’s an example. I had my fave, Southern Evening. It was discontinued and I was super sad. Then, customers voted for it to come back for January 2019. So, I added to my Scentsy Club and now, even though it will be discontinued again on Feb. 1st, I will still get it until I decide to delete it from my Scentsy club order. I’m sooo excited. Are you interested in checking out the Bring Back My Bars? Check to see if your scent made the list.

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