Why we moved to MailerLite from Mailchimp


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For over 10 years, my business relied on Mailchimp- I loved it from the start. Super easy to create newsletters to send to my customers to highlight a promotion or a sale we were having. The open rate was fabulous and I really didn’t have any issues. That is until my customer subscriber list started growing and growing.  Over 10k contacts for my newsletter was great, however, the price of Mailchimp was increasing as well. I started paying over $100 and was starting to think I should look elsewhere and compare just in case. Afterall, I’m just a super small business and Mailchimp was now a top dog in the industry and their pricing was going up to support the enterprise accounts and I feel like they forgot about those small business people like us! 

Here comes Flodesk, a new player to the game. They started with an offer of $19 a month , since they were beta – and you can have unlimited subscribers. The templates were pretty, easy application to navigate and I pulled all my contacts over to test a few campaigns. 

One problem I noticed was that the reporting was not great. I couldn’t really tell by an individual level, which campaigns they opened. I could only resend a campaign once to those that didn’t open the first time, but I can’t revise the campaign before sending.  Lot’s of little hiccups because they were so new to the game.  The end all for me was them wanting to review every single csv list I imported. This process would take days to complete.  This wasn’t working for me. I continued on my search.  

I saw MailerLite – grabbed a small list of customers and started to go through the site and attempt to create a campaign and report and pretty much go through how I was using Mailchimp and it passed with flying colors. It does everything I need it to, even reporting is good.  I’m paying $90 less than I would be paying for the amount of subscribers.  That’s insane!  No issues whatsoever!  Want to give it a try? I encourage you to test it out – I bet you’ll leave Mailchimp for it!  Here’s a Coupon Code for you to get started! Get $20 off!