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I run my direct sales business all online.  I have a full time job and a family and don’t have a ton of time to spend doing home parties or online parties for that matter.  For the last 11 years that I’ve been with Scentsy, I have shared the love of the products all online.  That was before social media was a thing, believe it or not.  I was advertising our products on craigslist and sending catalogs out to people who were interested.  I started building a team, I started using Google Adwords to get the attention of shoppers looking for our products. I’ve been asked how I do it, I’ve been asked what systems I have in place.  So I thought I’d share the list with you and a short description of why and how I use it for direct sales. We all run our businesses differently, so I won’t go into too much detail of how you should use it but most of these systems have How-To Videos that will guide you through the setup and use. Keep in mind I have a ton of automation that is happening and I use Zapier to help with that automation. Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions!
  1. Zapier – Allows me to run my business with lots of automation – such as, when a new email notification comes through that tells me I have a new Scentsy order, I  have a ‘zap’ run that gets the contact info from that email and will create a new contact in Flodesk.
  2. AMI – Let’s me know when I haven’t followed up with someone for a while.  Let’s you set your own follow up schedule and email or text a customer about specific products. AMI also has invoicing functionality. I mainly use AMI as my virtual assistant to remind me when to follow up with my customers, based on what I’ve set up to be my timeline, even includes message templates, which are super great.  To Learn More or Sign Up
  3. Trello – I use a Trello board to track customers’ followups past the 3 month mark – I can see at a glance what customers haven’t purchased again. Trello gives that overall look to your business. Try Out Trello Here
  4. Flodesk – ah – one of my faves! Flodesk replaced Mailchimp for me. Mailchimp was getting very pricey based on the amount of contacts I had. The application over all , was awesome, no complaints.  However, Flodesk has offered a unlimited plan since it’s still in beta and it’s super fantastic.  If you’d like to get in on the beta deal and get that discounted rate:
  5. Later – I have Sunday date nights with Later. I can schedule the weeks worth of content on a Sunday night. Upload images, post to Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter & Facebook twice a day for the week.  I love the ‘LINK IN BIO’ feature and it has really saved me a ton of time.  If you’d like to check out Later and start saving time 
  6. Creative Market –  A Great place to get fonts, backgrounds, png’s, graphics, has been my go to place for years. If Interested in checking it out:  Creative Market
  7. Canva – oh, I could go on and on .. I’ve been using canva for years … and it has always been worth the low price, with all the graphics, backgrounds, templates for social media, flyers, emails .. just about everything you need. You can even upload your own images.
  8. Gmail w/boomerang & google templates – If you haven’t used boomerang, it’s a super cool application that works with your email and you ask that the email gets ‘boomeranged’ to you after 2 days if there’s no reply to the email for example, this is super helpful if you want to follow up on the email you sent. Has more features too! To learn more about scheduling emails and getting read receipts:Learn More About Boomerang
  9. Snagit – Huge user on this platform, screenshots, mockups, instructions, How to’s , videos, recordings , seriously better than MS Paint and super easy if you don’t want Photoshop
  10. Google Analytics – Who doesn’t use it? Real time visitors is addicting to watch!
  11. WordPress – What all my sites are built on , because it’s simply the best, however, I have dabbed a bit in Weebly and Wix
  12. Tidio – Live chat for my customers to ask me all the things, I have tried about 18 different live chat platforms. Tidio is the most cost effective and has all the features I need. Learn More About Tidio Live Chat
  13. Gobot – A super cool workflow bot that allows you to ask and guide your visitors to the answers they need, fun to build out and use!
  14. – I was their first customer and had no idea. This web crawler allowed me to get data I needed and export to excel to import into another site. It was also super fun to build the web crawler and saved me a ton of time.