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I’m sure you’ve seen these phone cases by Lux, the ads are everywhere right now, facebook, Instagram, everywhere. I believe Shaq is in some of their ads now.

I bought this phone case back in July of 2018 for my husband. He had purchased a similar battery case for his iphone 8 plus and it required that he used a micro usb to charge it, even though his actual phone used a lightning charger. So, I wanted to get him a new one that was more convenient. I saw the Lux phone case advertised and went for it. It came within about 10 days. I loved it. It was sleek and stylish and felt great. He used it and had no complaints, so I bought one for myself as well in August, 2018. Again, delivered quickly and no complaints. This thing worked great and with the magnetic back it was working with our car mounts too.

Fast forward to now, March 2019 .. while this phone case still works great, provides protection and charges my low battery .. I now have issues with the actual case peeling. I work in a corporate environment and having a phone case that is peeling is not ideal and looks unprofessional. My husbands’ case is also peeling. We’ve had the cases 5 months now. Would you expect to see this happen on a case that was $20? What about a $40 case? The Lux cases were $59 each.

I reached out to the company’s support email and sent these same photo’s you see here and asked what could be done and if this was normal. The reason I asked if this was normal after 5 months was to determine if I even wanted to bother with getting a new one from them knowing the short life term.

The reply I received was that my phone is outside of the 30 day warranty and they were sorry , but here’s a code for 50% off a new case. Well that’s great if I wanted to get a new one .. and I guess at the new price of $29, it isn’t a bad deal. What gets me is the way they handle complaints, questions and concerns. They have stopped allowing comments on all their social media posts because of the complaints due to shipping, returns, warranties and more. They have also gone the extra step in deleting the complaint comments and banning people from making another comment. On their ads, they have done the same thing. What do you think about that type of customer service and the social media tactics?

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