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I’ve always thought of marketing as emails letting customers know of the great offer so they can decide if they’re interested and click a button if they are, delete email (or in many cases, simply ignore) if they’re not. 

But lately, it became more apparent to me that this younger generation hardly ever uses email and wants everything via text. Quicker, easier – right? 

So, in analyzing some numbers and figuring out who my client base is – I started looking into some programes that I could use to help me reach my customers that opt-in to receive text vs email. 

I had been paying for project broadcast for about a year. I have no idea how many credits I have, as the application is a bit clunky to me and not super user friendly.  And folks, I’m in IT. But if an application I’m trying to use doesn’t have a good flow, I find myself uninterested in moving forward with it. A menu with options that don’t seem to link or flow together confuses me – like why would you set it up that way? 

I also was really hung up on the verbiage of it all. Coming from email marketing and using ‘groups’ , ‘campaigns’..etc. The texting software, where you would think would be the same terminology, isn’t.  

For example – the screenshot below is from Project Broadcast when you click on ‘new campaign’ – I just wanted to send a message to a group of contacts. None of these told me I could do that, but calendar type I guess.. but the whole ‘multiple messages’ didn’t make sense. 

Overall to me – it just doesn’t flow for my needs. So I kept searching. 

Someone told me about Buzzytext – so within minutes, I created an account and I was in on a trial version that gave me 50 free text to try out. I was really surprised that I didn’t need to translate all the terminology so that I could understand and the flow in their system was super easy to follow. You can see in the screenshot below that it’s super clear -‘send message’, pick your group and schedule or send now. ta-da – it really is that simple and SHOULD BE. 

buzzytext review text system

The other feature that blew me away was the loyalty program build in to BuzzyText. WHAT !! That’s simply awesome that it tracks all of it. 

But wait, there’s more! I haven’t even gone in to all of these options yet, but I’m super excited!  

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buzzytext service review