Canva Review – Graphic Design DIY


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Owning a small business comes with many challenges. Some are easy to conquer and others, well – are not. I would love to have enough money in our budget to hire an assistant or specialist for each area in which I’m lacking the expertise or skill set, but the truth is  – its not even close to being in our budget.  

I have tried to work with many online applications that help with graphic editing. Pic Monkey, Photofy as the top contenders.  However, I’m so much more of a desktop worker that I needed more, but also have it be affordable and have lots of templates and ideas to run with because I am not super creative and I’m not a graphic designer.  

Do I think this application will replace talented graphic artists? No way, that skill is needed regardless of a tool like the one I’m about to tell you about.  But I do think it helps those of us that just need a couple of images to share on social media or stick in a newsletter.  

In comes Canva.  Like, seriously, mic drop is in order.  

Soooo many templates, images / elements you thought you couldn’t find. Photos that you would pay money for, all at your fingertips.  Fonts, ideas, the saving of colors used in that image, so you don’t have to find the right color font. The list of features is really too long to even list. Just know this, you will be amazed. No doubt.  

Make sure you get the PRO version  – because a lot of the images and elements that you love, will be in the PRO version and it’s so worth it. Hey, it’s a task write off and super affordable.  Oh, did I mention that you can post directly to social media from Canva?  You can even ask Canva to resize the same image for each social media platform.  Need to remove a background? Yup, you can do that too! I have used Canva for about 4 years now and it’s amazing how quick I can whip something up, like this post below I did for Facebook to joke with my teenage daughter about something she said when she was 4 years old. 2 minutes. Not kidding. I love doing stuff like this now and Canva is perfect for business or personal. We’ve created birthday cards, thank you cards and printed them out for someone last minute. It’s a really awesome tool with a load of features!  

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