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logo coscheduleWhen you’re super busy, but you need to stay on top of your social media platforms and posts, all you can think of is, I need to clone myself. Or I need an assistant.  I’ve been using CoSchedule and I’m loving it.  I can sit down on a Sunday and schedule my posts for the entire week. CoSchedule is great for Small Businesses , Professional marketing teams and even agency’s.  I use it for my Scentsy business because working full time and running a successful business is overwhelming at times. For any small business that needs to handle the blogging and social media management themselves, I’m not sure there’s a better solution out there. I have tried my share and found that their either too clunky or don’t provide enough view of what you’ve scheduled for the future. I feel that CoSchedule has provided just that. Simple, Organized and clean. Unless you have time to train an assistant and enough in your budget to pay someone to stay on top of this for you, CoSchedule was the best solution to my ‘I don’t have time’ issue.  Use it for content marketing, social media marketing, projects and blog management too. All in all you’ll see that using CoSchedule will help you stay organized.

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Meet Co-Founders 

Garrett Moon & Justin WalshThey explain why they started CoSchedule on their About Us page on their website.

Back in 2013, we were a scrappy web company frustrated with the content marketing process.  Today, we’re the liger of startups; making our home in the plains of North Dakota, building the best product on the market, and turning a profit.


As of August 2016 , CoSchedule is in 100+ Countries with 8000+ customers.

What makes CoSchedule Different?

I’m a visual person and I like to see that things are happening.  With CoSchedule, you have a calendar view and can see posts in queue waiting to be published based on your initial setup of each of them.  Oops, did you make a mistake and schedule it on the wrong day, that’s okay, drag and drop the campaign to another day. It only takes a few minutes and you can schedule your Monday, then your Tuesday.. What’s even better, they have this add-on feature that will let you schedule the Re-Queue of those posts. So not only did you just schedule that post to go live on Monday, you also said, ‘repost that in a month’.  It shows up on your calendar view and you can see the magic start happening.

Set it and Forget it Scheduling

ReQueue is the magical social media schedule that fills itself (with intelligence). Go ahead and pick your best posts … Then ReQueue automatically fills gaps in your social schedule. The more messages you add, the more gaps CoSchedule will intelligently fill for you.

Not only will this keep you organized and on schedule, it also will allow you to feel confident that your tasks are taken care of and you can do more important things, like.. make more money.

They have a Free Trial Period that is certainly enough time to get you hooked.  I’ve tried other calendar scheduling tools for my social media and I promise you, this one is simple and easy and get’s the job done.

Isn’t this awesome – Don’t you want your calendar to be like this? Even if it’s half of this.. my day would be brighter. Take control of your time!

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CoSchedule already integrates with some of your apps that you use every day , such as google docs, google analytics, evernote, wordpress, twitter, facebook, pinterest, google +, linkedin, instagram and more.

Start your Trial Period – what do you have to lose?   Start Trial

Check out what you can do inside wordpress: Headline analyzer and social engagement view

coschedule wordpress integration

If there’s more than just you trying to stay afloat with all these tasks and you do actually have a team, they even have workflow management functionality that will show you who’s doing what and where you are in a project. Stay on top of your projects with a unified workflow that provides cross functional calendar collaboration for your social, content, events and more.

Oh, and I haven’t even gone into the analytics and reporting tools yet. Message level analytics will allow you the opportunity to evaluate the success  of the social messages you send and easily re-share your most engaging content and then you can improve future messages.  You’ll be able to analyze your social strategy with being able to see your shares from around the world.  Don’t forget to take a look at your organic reach for Twitter , Facebook and Pinterest.. because now, they’re all in one place.

“But what about when I’m on the go.. I’m busy , remember” … Of course .. Download the CoSchedule app from the app store or Google Play. You’re covered, you can schedule messages on the fly. I’m sold.. this is genius. It answers to everything and solves my issues with time.

Below is a short video clip that will show you how CoSchedule will save you time.

So now that you  heard Read it all and got my honest opinion – are you wanting to hear how much sanity will cost you?


I have signed up for the Solo Marketing Plan, since it’s only me and I only use about 5 platforms.

For only $39 a month ($30 if you pay for the entire year)

  • All-In-One Marketing Calendar
  • Drag & Drop Social Media Calendar
  • Super-Smart Best Time Scheduling ?
  • Social Message Analytics
  • Social Curation Chrome Extension
  • Premium Integrations ?
  • Includes 1 User Account
  • Includes 10 Social Profiles

The Re-Queue will cost you $30 more a month to use if you need that functionality – to me, that one is a no brainer.

The Re-Queue is what will fill in the gaps for you with your most popular posts that you choose.

You are able to choose different plans based on your needs and team size – Or if you’re an agency, you can choose based on how many platforms. Cost ranges from $30-1600 a month.

CoSchedule Price Plans Comparison