Pet Baths


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Just curious – no really.. I am.  How many people bathe their cats?  I mean I know bathing dogs and getting them groomed is a thing and lets be honest, they need it. But do you think your cat needs it?  They’re pretty good at cleaning themselves, right?  And do you think they hate water that much because they’re trying to tell us that they don’t need to be going through all this?

pets taking bath I know people do it, because I’ve seen pictures like the one here.  But in every photo, the cat looks like he’s ready to scratch the crap out of you.

If you do bathe your cat, do you use shampoo specific for your cat?  Or any Pet shampoo? I believe that they’re not the same PH balance, if I’m not mistaken.

I have an orange tabby named ‘Charlie’ and there is no way that guy will let me put him in water. He’s a pretty clean guy anyways, just can’t help but wonder if people do this on a regular basis that maybe their cat gets used to it eventually.

For dogs, they have shampoos, Pet perfume sprays and more and I get it… they go out, they get dirty and they don’t really bathe themselves as well.  So it makes sense that we groom the pups.

I’d love to see pet photos of your furry ones in the tub!  Or comment below and let me know if you give your cat a bath or not.