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I work full time 40+ hours and have a 3 hour daily commute, it’s safe to say that I don’t have too much time to hit the gym or go for a stroll.  It’s been a challenge for years – I wake up at 5am to leave the house by 6am to make it to work before 8.  I then leave work at 5pm and get home just before 7pm.  IF I were to go to a gym, I’d have to do it around 3:30am or after 7pm (which carves into my family time).

Personal Review of the Peloton Bike

peloton bikeI had to look into something else that would help me work out at home.  We bought an elliptical and I used it maybe 4 times.  I just felt like I needed a trainer or someone to guide me on a course to take on it. On black Friday last year (2018) – I saw the Peloton was having a deal on their cycling bike and I was smitten.  I thought , this is what I need, an instructor, someone to tell me what I should be doing – intervals, climbs, speed and when to do it.  I needed music, which it has as well.  I did it, I bought it.  Fast forward a year – Have I been as consistent as I set out to be, no. Do I still love it, heck yeah.  If I want to ride, I go into the other room, and start an on-demand class with my favorite instructor Robin Arzon and ride. I get out my end of day stress, I get the motivational push from her and I’ve laughed, I’ve cried and even cursed a little as she pushes me to that uncomfortable place that makes my thighs hurt. Totally worth the money, worth the time and worth the space that this bike takes up. If you’re wondering if it’s better than a gym membership – it really depends on what you do at the gym.  Do you lift weights, and do squats, then no, this doesn’t replace everything, but if you love to cycle and love the class environment but hate having to go somewhere else after a long day and get dressed in a cute workout outfit because you’re in public, then this is for you.
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