Sweet Cravings


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Do you Crave Sugar?

This is how it always happens for me, I’m scrolling through my Facebook feed and bam, there’s and ad for something that catches my eye. They target me pretty well, actually. I’m impressed.  This time it was an ad for a product to stop sugar cravings. I don’t consider myself someone that wants a whole candy bar after lunch, but a cookie or a small chocolate candy sounds pretty good. I was buying sugar free jolly ranchers and keeping them in my office to help this problem of mine and that was working pretty well, unless, well .. it didn’t. There’s a bakery in the lobby of the building I work in that has fresh baked cookies in the afternoon and it’s super unfair.

I decided to give this new product a try being that they were offering your first supply for less than $10. So, I purchased Sweet Defeat.



Take Control of Your Sugar Cravings

The claim is that Sweet Defeat is the only clinically proven, natural lozenge that stops sugar cravings in seconds. Their main ingredient is Gymnema extract which is defined below. What it says it will do is block the sweet taste buds on your tongue so that you don’t taste the sweet for up to an hour and hence you won’t want it even after you give in to the craving.

Now, before I purchased the sweet defeat product, I have to admit that I didn’t do much research and didn’t read up too much about what the claims really were. (which is rare for me). I assumed that this would make me not want the sugar at all and have nothing to do with my taste buds. I assumed, that ‘duh, of course you don’t really want chocolate after chewing a wintergreen piece of gum or a mint or brushing your teeth’, you know it won’t taste the same and therefore what’s the point of trying.

I was excited to try them, I rushed, opened the box and little sleeve and popped my first one in. it’s one of those ‘let it dissolve’ type of lozenges. I was right, it was spearmint and of course I don’t want a cookie now.

What I didn’t realize is that this product not only accomplishes the obvious with giving you the minty, fresh mouth that you’d hate to mess up, but also give you that back up effect – IF you still want that something sweet and ignore the fresh minty clean feeling, they’ll make it so that you won’t want to take another bite because it doesn’t even taste sweet since it just messed with your taste buds.

I think I’ll try one of these after lunch every day. They kind of made me more thirsty for water too, which is awesome.  I’ll update you in 2 weeks to see how it’s going.

You Can Get Sweet Defeat Here:  https://www.sweetdefeat.com/

Gymnema Extract

The gymnema sylvestre leaf has been used for centuries by ancient cultures for its ability to block sweet receptors that cause sugar cravings.